How Successful Are Celebrity Weight Loss Plans

There is not a good looking celebrity that does not endorse a diet plan or a weight loss plan.  Some of the plans are using some of the more well-known and practical steps to lose weight whereas there are the ones that are known to be outright gimmicks from the very start.  It would only be proper that diet plans are studied at length and an effort made to understand the undercurrent that makes them work or does work out in a particular instance.

The Role of the Salad

Most of the weight loss programs and diet plans make an overwhelming stand on the use of salads. It is true that salads or greens do not have many calories in them or at least the empty ones like the fast-food menu.  But it is equally understood that salads do fill the person like no other option can do at any time. Salads form the main base to any of the dishes or meals taken by someone trying to control the body weight.

Take Notes

It would be a good idea to keep detailed notes on what to eat and what is in fact eaten too.  This would give a fair idea as to what a person eats every day and keeps tabs on the number of calories that are taken in each meal.  By knowing exactly what is eaten, it is easier to control what is being taken in too.  This is more or less like the weight trainers who keep a log as to the amount of exercise that is done each day. It helps better control the amount the workout and so too does in this case of what is being eaten too.

Order Smart

At restaurants rather than order a starter and a main course, it would help to have two appetizers.  This can cut down on the number of calories taken in at any time and makes for an enjoyable eat out too.  Similarly, when the tendency to eat heavy is felt, the smart thing to do is to order light than to order the heavy stuff as far as possible.

Surprisingly, the smaller helpings of the smaller dishes tend to provide a low-calorie intake and with it the higher chances of losing weight.  As far as celebrity diets are concerned, they are often tailor-made to each person who is on the diet. It helps to follow a diet provided it works and it usually does as there are the experts in the field that are known to recommend the right mix no matter the situation.


Celebrity diets often are only known after they have produced results for the particular person. Thus when following a celebrity diet, the chances of having a successful weight loss is higher than otherwise.  But it is equally important to identify which of the many celebrity diets work in each of the cases with most people.